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Hello nft community. Last night I made my first sale. I have everyone to thank you for.

I am so thrilled and happy at the same time, I can’t justify enough all the hard work I’ve been having.

I’ll leave here the link to my fabulous collection. Hope you like it and enjoy seeing it.

So far my collection has over 40 items.

Let me tell you about my latest addition to the collection. A Stop Motion made with a piece that gave me so much work. And I’m selling it almost for free.

It has some effects on the video and it is about a masterpiece of chocolate! Don’t miss out! Hope you enjoy it and follow this new trend of NFT art!

Collection logo for the brand

Hello. I am new to the NFT market and I am only promoting a project I am involved in. A project of an artist that is tireless and keeps on going despite all setbacks. So I’ll cut to the chase and share my more inner works with pride!

Have in mind that all these works are vectorial in SVG format done with the biggest of hearts and relentless work. This last one is based on a real place.

A small feature of a changed Yoda and a different Grogu.

A changed picture for Save your tears:

A new CS GO…


Digital Artist and Creator

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